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Allure Dental Care
2217 Coffee Rd, Ste A
Modesto, CA 95355
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We're Mercury-Free
As a result of ongoing health controversy surrounding the use of mercury, our priority is health safety of our patients.

Now, with the latest generation of materials, tooth colored fillings can beautifully mimic nature without metal. If you have cavities or worn out dental work, or if you just want to replace your existing dental work to make it look beautiful, Dr. Chahal can help you with gorgeous dental restorations that defy detection.

Advantages of White Fillings!

  • Non Toxic - Healthy & Safe.
  • Less invasive - require less healthier tooth replacement.
  • More stable than mercury amalgam - would expand or contract
  • Provide a tighter seal - would not leak.
  • Do not weaken teeth since they don't expand with heat the way metal does.
  • Restoring teeth to their original strength and to a beautiful appearance.
  • Environmentally safe-no hazardous metal wastes to dispose of and no risk of mercury allergy.
  • White fillings integrates with the tooth...it doesn't weaken the tooth as a silver filling does.

We Care About You!

If we say that we'll do something for you-whether it's fixing a problem, creating a new smile, or improving your dental health-we'll do it. Period. Some are surprised to discover that we really carry out our promises. We find that it creates a relationship of trust, and that's something that our patients really value.

We Deliver Great Results!

We have established a reputation of integrity over the years. For us, it is more than simply performing a job. It's impacting people's lives. We believe that we can so improve your smile that it will positively affect your personality. This may sound like a big promise, but Dr. Chahal has seen it happen time and time again.

Your Local Extreme Makeover Dentist, Exceptional Dentist, Exceptional Service.

What does your smile say about you?

Are you sucecessful, personable, confident? Your smile not only affects how you feel about yourself, it affects how others perceive you. Dr Chahal’s advanced aesthetic dentistry offers both exceptional beauty and unparalleled quality.
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