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"I have been a patient of Dr. Chahal’s for the past nine years. A year ago, I noticed that the girls at work were improving their smiles through his expertise."

"Dr. Chahal mentioned that the fractures in my teeth were becoming more noticeable and he showed this to me with his intra-oral camera."

“In October, 2004 Dr. Chahal suggested that we use Lumineers to improve the appearance of my teeth. This seemed like a wonderful option for me because it did not disturb the integrity of my natural teeth."

“I love my smile now and find that I smile all the time. My confidence level has increased and I feel younger. My girls also love my new smile and, when we take family pictures during the holiday they say, ‘Mom, make sure you flash your beautiful smile!’”

-Shirly Mello


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"When I first began working in the dental field, I could not help but notice the beautiful improvements patients were making to their smiles. Their teeth were even and white. Dr. Chahal’s experience and training made me confident that he could provide the smile that I had desired for such a long time."

“Dr. Chahal first contoured my gums and then placed porcelain veneers on nine of my teeth, giving my smile a beautiful, white, even appearance. I now receive compliments on my smile all the time. Patients often ask, ‘Did you just have your teeth cleaned? They look so white!’”

-Selina Cosata Knapp


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“I had been looking for a dentist who could improve the appearance of my smile. The enamel of my teeth has slowly chipped away. These teeth were bonded on several times. I became increasingly uncomfortable with the discolored appearance of my teeth.
“I mentioned this to Dr. Chahal. He suggested restoring their appearance with porcelain veneers. I agreed with his recommendation and then further brightened my smile by replacing my old silver amalgams with porcelain inlays and onlays. I love my new smile and receive compliments on its beauty all the time.”

-Trisha Aquino


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“For five years, I watched the smiles of patients change at Dr. Chahal’s office."

“I had an old bridge that had become uncomfortable with time. Also, my canine teeth did not develop and were still inside the palate of my mouth.

“Dr. Chahal recommended that we extract these undeveloped teeth and replace both the teeth and my bridge with a porcelain restorative bridge that was secured permanently.

We did and now I smile with complete confidence!”

-Michelle Ledbetter

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“I was extremely uncomfortable with smiling and was desperately looking for alternatives to improve my smile.

”Dr. Chahal suggested that I improve the health of these teeth with white porcelain restorations. He also replaced my old broken partials with ones that are beautiful, as well as comfortable.

“I love my new smile and my teeth are beautiful and healthy. I honestly feel that my overall health has improved. Had I known that a good dentist is so important in your life, I would have sought Dr.
Chahal’s expertise much earlier!”

-Anna Brazil

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“Over time, my teeth fractured and chipped to the extent that it had become noticeable to me. Finally Dr. Chahal asked me if I was interested in improving the appearance of these teeth. I quickly replied, “Yes.”

“Dr. Chahal suggested that I consider porcelain veneers on 16 upper and lower teeth. He also suggested that we replace my old silver amalgam fillings
with white tooth-colored fillings. I agreed with his suggestions and now love my beautiful smile.

“I receive so many compliments on it and realize how important my smile is to my overall appearance. I can also proudly say that the decision to improve my smile influenced the new, beautiful smiles of my friends and family!”

-Shamiran Furtado


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"I live in Waterford California. My daughter was constantly on me about finding a dentist who could improve my smile. I had not been to a dentist in over 15 years and only because of her constant hounding did I finally discover Dr. Chahal.

“My teeth had become spaced far from each other. They also hung unevenly, making it very embarrassing for me to smile. Pictures taken were always of a very solemn ‘me.’ This all changed within two months of my first appointment with Dr. Chahal.

“Prior to the appointments that restored my smile, I took a pill that sedated me and I slept through each visit. This was important, as my fifteen years of no dental appointments were supported by my fear of dental procedures. With in four office visits permentant restorations were placed and I had a smile that was incredibly beautiful.

“My husband often asks me, ‘Do you remember what your smile used to look like?’ I remind him gently that I do. I also believe that my dental health has improved dramatically. My general health has also changed. I no longer have daily headaches and neck-aches.

“The transformation of my smile must have also impressed our office staff, as most have become patients of Dr. Chahal. Smiles are truly contagious!”

-Pam Taylor


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"Though I was living in Los Angeles, the necessity of removing my wisdom teeth led me back to Turlock to a dentist that I trusted.

“Dr. Chahal had been my dentist for over five years and I realized that there was only one person that I wanted to address this problem. Dr. Chahal removed my wisdom teeth while I slept. Unlike most, I was not swollen or nauseous after surgery.

“A nightly retainer now keeps my teeth straight.”

-Jenny Wilson

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“My fiancé was a patient of Dr. Chahal’s and was convinced that his training and knowledge of dentistry could save my teeth. She encouraged me to see if he could address the conditions that were contributing to
my dental decline and also improve my smile. I made an appointment with him and found that I had made the right decision.

“Past experiences made me anxious during dental procedures and Dr. Chahal suggested that I consider a sedation dental setting. My first restorative appointment addressed all of the teeth in my upper arch while I slept. I left this appointment wearing temporaries. My memory of this appointment was only that of a peaceful, sound sleep.

“Two weeks later, my porcelain restorations were placed, and now I have an incredible smile. Restoring my smile was important to me. It gave me a sense of a new beginning. This was timely, due to my upcoming marriage.”

-Mike Johnson



“I had been working as a dental assistant for two years before I finally gained the confidence to share that I was unhappy with the way my teeth were shifting. Traditional braces had straightened my teeth when I was younger, but they had continued to shift through the years.

“I had been working as a dental assistant for two years before I finally gained the confidence to share that I was unhappy with the way my teeth were shifting. Traditional braces had straightened my teeth when I was younger, but they had continued to shift through the years.
“Dr. Chahal suggested I consider wearing Invisalign® braces for a short time. After only three months, my teeth straightened to their original after-braces appearance. After this, we whitened my teeth with an in-office Zoom! treatment, renewing my smile to one that is bright white, with straight teeth.”

-Julisa Sharpe


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“The clicking in my jaw was so loud that my friends made comments about it. I was on disability leave due to symptoms of vertigo and there seemed to be no relief from the constant ringing in my ears. Medical doctors had no clue on what was going on. The quality of my life had gone in a downhill spiral at a very young age and this was very depressing to me.

“Dr. Chahal discovered that the teeth near my inner ear were worn from night grinding. Dr. Chahal made an orthotic device that I wore for six months. During this time, the popping and clicking
sounds subsided, as well as the pain in my jaw and neck. Once my bite was stabilized, my upper and lower back teeth were then proportionately rebuilt to a perfected bite.

With my bite stabalized, the presure that created the ringing in my inner ear was relieved. One year later, Dr. Chahal rechecked the position of my jawbone. It had stayed in its corrected position. Since then, my hearing loss is no longer in a mode of decline but one of restoration. Not only is my bite balanced, but also my dental health and the appearance of my smile have improved dramatically.”

-Rana Partap


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“My jaw pain and headaches had become so severe that they were debilitating. I had lived with my TMJ symptoms for many years. As they worsened, they affected the quality of my life.

“It was embarrassing for me to be dining with friends while they intermittently listened to my jaw pop as I ate. The pain in my jaw would cause severe head- and neck-aches. Because my bite was so unbalanced, I would grind my teeth at night. This eroded my back teeth and made them smaller.

“Dr. Chahal examined my bite and immediately recommended wearing an orthotic device. I saw an improvement in my headaches and jaw pain within one
week. Once my bite had adjusted to a corrected position, my back teeth were rebuilt with porcelain crowns and porcelain onlays. This restored the foundation of a bite that had been destroyed through years of night grinding.

“The appearance of my front teeth had also shifted through the years, and Dr. Chahal suggested that I consider wearing braces to straighten my teeth. I agreed and wore them for only one year. After my braces were removed, he whitened my smile with a one-hour Zoom! treatment.

“Today, my headaches are gone and I have regained a beautiful smile. It is still hard for me to realize that the disabling condition that I had been in is finally gone from my life. I am amazed at how your dental health can impact your overall health. To say the least, restoring my bite and my smile has been life-changing. It has totally improved my quality of life.”

-Vicki Floriano


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Several of my clients kept telling me about Dr. Chahal. However, when I met him, I was skeptical about his knowledge of dentistry because he looked so young. This quickly turned into respect. Dr. Chahal replaced all of my silver amalgams and my darkened smile became whiter and brighter. In time, both my upper and lower teeth were restored with beautiful white porcelain veneers
and crowns.

“My wife, Melody also became a patient of the practice. Dr.
Chahal replaced her old silver crowns with all-porcelain crowns. He also replaced her old silver amalgams fillings with porcelain crowns and porcelain onlays. Gum grafting improved her receding gums. My wife Melody and I both have the smile that we have always desired!”

“I was skeptical about his knowledge of dentistry because he looked so young. This quickly turned into respect. Now we have the smile that we have always desired.”

-Anthony & Melody Valverde

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“My daughter was a patient of Dr. Chahal and always told me how much she liked her dentist. She told me so many times that I decided to make an apointment in San Diego I had an asthma attack and passed out. I hit the floor and knocked
out three of my front teeth. I couldn’t wait to return to Turlock to see Dr. Chahal. In no time, I had permanent restorations that looked better than my original teeth.”

-John Johnson

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“My teeth were very crooked and I was embarrassed to smile. Dr. Chahal straightened my teeth with braces. He bonded my teeth with white porcelain and reshaped the size of my smaller teeth. Now I feel confident when I smile and receive compliments all of the time!”

-Mandy Gonzalez

pediatric dentist

“Unlike most kids my age who have to wear their braces for a year and a half, I wore my braces for only three months. Then Dr. Chahal suggested tooth whitening. Now I always get compliments from my friends.”

- Ricky

“I am so happy that Dr. Chahal replaced my noticeably dark silver fillings with natural- looking restorations.”

- Lewis

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When I looked in the mirror all, I would see was my enormous gums. I shared this with Dr. Chahal and he suggested a simple solution of gum re-contouring.
My parents and I agreed that this would be a good solution for me, and now my teeth and gums are proportionate. I am so much happier today when I see my smile in pictures.”

-Sadie Wilson

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“I had wanted to have a beautiful smile for quite some time. That is before I discovered Dr. Chahal. I was unhappy with silver amalgam fillings, as they darkened my smile. Dr. Chahal suggested replacing silver fillings with white restorations. I took his advice, and my smile is whiter and brighter than it has ever been!”

-Lupe Gutierrez

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“I have been a patient of Dr. Chahal’s since the day he started his practice. I decided to restore my smile with six porcelain veneers. This decision has literally changed my overall appearance. My family continues to compliment me on how amazingly beautiful my smile looks now.”

-Nick Gonzalez

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“Two missing teeth that were replaced with a bridge gave me an unbalanced bite. I told Dr. Chahal that I wanted to replace my missing teeth with dental implants rather than the bridge. The bridge created such an unbalanced bite that I would inadvertently bite down on my cheek rather than adjacent lower teeth. Dr. Chahal agreed that dental implants would correct this situation and also help me digest my food properly. He placed my dental implants and finished up with porcelain restorations. Now I have a healthy smile.”

-Marilou Vierra

“In my opinion, no bride should wear a wedding dress that is whiter than her teeth! I work for Dr. Chahal and my dental health was excellent but my teeth were not as white as I wanted them to be for my wedding day. I shared this with Dr. Chahal and he whitened my teeth with an in-office Zoom! whitening. My teeth were three shades whiter and as white as my dress. I have kept my teeth bright and white since my wedding with periodic at home bleaching. Whiter teeth perfect accent for the most memorable day in my life.”

-Kelly Clinkenbeard

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“Restoring my smile was the right decision for me.”

“I was quite unhappy with my smile. My teeth had begun to fracture and had yellowed. Dr. Chahal suggested that I strengthen my upper and lower teeth with eight porcelain veneers and one porcelain crown. Prior to doing this, he whitened my teeth and then matched the color of my new restorations to all of my other teeth. Compliments tell me that restoring my smile was the right decision for me.”

-Rob Stonelake

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More Testimonials:

The effect of a sparkling, confident smile on your personal, social and business relationships has proven to be crucial. As a New York psychologist puts it "A warm, open, attractive smile... translates into a potent punch of personal power."

Dear Dr. Chahal,
I would like to thank you for the miracle you preformed on my teeth. I can not express the wonderful results of my dental work! I have never had so many compliments in all my life, as I have on my new appearance. I owe you so much! I will recommend you to anyone! Thank you so much.
- Sincerely, Sheila

There is a Native American Proverb: "When the heart is truly touched not many words are needed". Just a brief note to say "Thank you".
We appreciate the good work, Kindness and honesty.
- Alan & Kristeen Phegley

I came in to have my tooth removed. I was extremely nervous and anxious. Dr. Chahal took extreme care to make sure I was comfortable and aware of what was going on. Dr. Chahal has done numerous procedures on me. I have had him fix problems other doctors had left me with. Dr. Chahal replaced two bridges that had fallen out. I had been hesitant to have the work done because of bad experiences with other doctors. Since having the work done, my teeth and jaw feel great. I no longer have pain or holes on my gum. Dr. Chahal is the best dentist I've been to. My Kids like him too!
Thank you Dr. Chahal!
- Gary Land

To: All the wonderful folks at Allure Dental Care,
"Happy Valentines Day" Our family appreciates your great service.
- Sincerely, The Stonelakes

This letter is to other people who are delaying having their teeth repaired or replaced because of fear or even just "no time". Please don't delay. Dr. Chahal does wonderful work and I found him to be very concerned about causing the patient to have any pain. In my case the results were remarkable and I am very, very pleased.
- Thank you, Judy Robinson

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