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What is a dental implant?

Having a missing tooth? A dental implant is a great way to restore your missing tooth. With a small titanium post also known as an implant will be placed into your jaw bone. After several months for the bone to fuse to the titanium post, we take impression to make a crown that connects to the implant.

It is important to replace missing teeth for many reasons:

  • Teeth adjacent to the missing tooth will tip (rotate) into the missing space. Given enough time (many years) the teeth adjacent to the missing space could rotate completely sideways (falling into the space where the missing tooth is).

  • The teeth opposing the missing tooth will grow toward the missing tooth space (a process called super eruption).

  • The combination of rotation and super eruption could lead to a collapse of the bite.

  • The collapse of the bite could lead to sagging of mouth and an older appearance as well as jaw joint problems (TMD, TMJ).

  • Missing teeth decreases your ability to chew and can affect speaking.

  • Missing teeth can negatively affect your smile.

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